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Career Objective
To participate in the development of a language-independent data-sharing protocol that will permit Federation tricorders
to reverse-engineer Borg databases.

Skills Set

Oracle [versions 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g through release 2] (Oracle Certified Associate in 10g [retired]), Microsoft SQL Server [versions 2005, 2008], MySQL [versions 3 through 5], JavaDB, Paradox, Access, InterBase
  • Java [Apache Struts, Tomcat]
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C/C++ [GNU, MFC, VCL, CBuilder], Visual Basic/VBA, Delphi
  • PL/SQL, Perl, XML/XSL, JSP, ASP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Apache Ant, BASH, WinAPI
  • IDE: Eclipse, JDeveloper, C++ Builder, MS Visual InterDev, JBuilder, Delphi, RadRails
  • Graphics: CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Versioning: CVS, SVN [server installation and management]
  • Modelling Tools: Visio, TCM [Toolkit for Conceptual Modelling], Popkin System Architect
RedHat Linux (from v.5.1 through FC4 and RHEL5), Solaris, Windows, Debian, FreeBSD, CentOS
Other Knowledge:
  • Strong relational database modeling
  • Oracle backup/recovery, performance tuning, advanced SQL
  • Familiar with terminology/methodology of the financial services industry [financial statement analysis, basic economic theory, corporate finance]
  • Unix system administration [Debian, RedHat, Solaris, FreeBSD]

Professional Qualifications

Oracle Database Design and Engineering, March 2005
  • Advanced SQL, PL/SQL programming, RMAN backup/recovery, Oracle performance tuning, 9i and 10g server installation
Columbia University
Computer Technology and Applications Program, August 2002
  • GUI design, relational database modeling, C++ template design, C data structures, multi-threaded programming in C++ and Java
  • Designed & implemented a Z39.50 client program for searching the Library of Congress and other library databases

Work Experience

Work History Highlights:
  • Extensive RMAN experience (design of backup/recovery solutions, clones, cross-platform migrations)
  • Oracle Dataguard installations and rebuilds
  • RAC, Clusterware, ASM installs
  • Designed XMLDB solution for a VLDB patent search application
  • Designed a Heterogenous Services bridge between Oracle and MySQL databases
  • Designed and built a travel website using MySQL and Ruby on Rails
  • Developed a database replication failover solution using MySQL
  • Oracle and MySQL database tuning, query optimization, trigger and stored procedure writing
  • Extensive database frontend and middle-tier programming in Delphi, C++, Perl, PHP, and VB
  • Extensive website programming in PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP, JavaScript
  • Developed standards, designed & built software for a digital imaging project
  • Designed complex database schema for modeling encyclopedic academic data
  • Designed & implemented (Delphi, C++) tools for data input
  • Developed tools (Delphi, C++, Perl) for transferring data between Paradox and MySQL
  • Developed system for metadata capture of scanned image archive
  • Created website tools (PHP) for delivery of large PDF files to customers
  • Ported an Access inventory-tracking system to MySQL. Re-designed the DB structure from the ground up and scripted the data transfer using PHP and BASH. Wrote the user interface in PHP/PEAR. Wrote dynamic export-to-PDF and export-to-Excel end-user functionality.
  • Edited an electronic edition of a popular Tibetan-English dictionary
  • Developed SOAP-based web services for a multi-platform distributed customer-fulfillment system [XML, Access, MySQL, ASP, VB, PHP]
  • Developed tools [VB, XML] for generation/QA of financial test prep materials

Professional Memberships

New York Oracle Users Group

Independent Oracle Users Group


Dalhousie University
Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Latin & Greek, April 1995
  • Graduated with First Class Honors and the University Medal in Classics


Three Normal Forms Database Tutorial
TBRC and its Model for Linking Text Images with a Bio-Bibliographical Finding Database, Jeon Ja Bul Jeon Journal of the Electronic Buddhist Text Institute (Seoul, 2001), vol. 3 pp.131-45.