Metrical Records for the Greek Catholic Parish of Męcina Wielka, 1835-1902

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Death records (1864–1866)

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11864.12.25Rozdziele15Theodorus KocorCatholicmale70Ordinaria
21865.03.08Rozdziele71Thecla KaczorCatholicfemale64Ordinaria
31865.03.08Rozdziele80Rosalia DraganCatholicfemale1/2OrdinariaFather: Basilius Dragan
Mother: Maria Tylawska
41865.03.22Rozdziele28Joannes PyrzCatholicmale3/12NaturalisFather: Basilius Pyrz
Mother: Maria Pyrz
51865.03.23Rozdziele63Anna CapCatholicfemale1 10/12NaturalisFather: Michael Cap
Mother: Maria Tyndir
61865.04.06Rozdziele34Dionisius GrabaniaCatholicmale6/12HustusFather: Cosma Grabania
Mother: Helena Borsuk
71865.04.15Rozdziele103Joannes SiwakCatholicmale6/12HustusMother: Maria Siwak
81865.05.16Rozdziele69Anna WozniakCatholicfemale30NaturalisSpouse: Casparus Wozniak
91865.07.22Rozdziele51Basilius BubniakCatholicmale4/12NaturalisFather: Joannes Bubniak
Mother: Maria Pregnar
It appears that 52 was originally written as the house number, and this is the usual house associated with this family. But it appears that a '1' was written over top of the 2. This may indicate the family moved, or it may be a mistake. 51 is also this child's birth house, so it shall be used instead of 52.
101865.07.02Rozdziele85Pelagia BorsukCatholicfemale5NaturalisFather: Petrus Borsuk
Mother: Anna Swiątkowski
111865.07.23Rozdziele85Anastasia BorsukCatholicfemale2NaturalisFather: Petrus Borsuk
Mother: Anna Swiątkowski
121865.08.06Rozdziele10Tatianna KocorCatholicfemale4/12NaturalisFather: Nicolaus Kocor
Mother: Pelagia Dudra
131865.10.27Rozdziele51Maria BajusCatholicfemale32OrdinariaSpouse: Joannes Bajus
141865.11.12Rozdziele102Maria KocurCatholicfemale57NaturalisSpouse: Hiacentus Kocur
151865.11.23Rozdziele9Anastasia TylawskiCatholicfemale71Naturalis
161866.03.01Rozdziele79Theodorus TylawskiCatholicmale1NaturalisFather: Stephanus Tylawski
Mother: Anna Szyrorius
171866.03.04Rozdziele47Anna MyscowskiCatholicfemale33NaturalisSpouse: Basilius Myscowski
181866.04.20Rozdziele3Joannes CiepłykCatholicmale1/12NaturalisFather: Michael Ciepłyk
Mother: Rosalia Bajus
191866.05.01Rozdziele49Maria TylawskaCatholicfemale6NaturalisFather: Josephus Tylawska
Mother: Rosalia Karlak
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