Anna Zagorski

SNUM: 1327

Birth date: 1824.07.20

Baptism date: 1824.07.20

Birth place: Męcina Wielka

Birth house: 75

Death date: 1826.09.15

Death place: Męcina Wielka

Death house: 75

Death cause: Ordinaria

Death age: 2y 2m

Also known as

Anna Zagorska


Mother: Marianna Zagorski

Primary records 

Birth: 56_142_0_0_6924_00148.12

Death: 56_142_0_0_6924_00283.14

Anna Zagorski [1327]
1824 - 1826 


Notes on birth record:
Illegitimate. Parens ignotus

Her mother’s identity is unclear, but her presence in House 75 suggests that she is an unrecorded daughter of Joannes Zagorski [11512].

House affiliations:

182475Męcina WielkaNewborn baby
182675Męcina WielkaDeceased