Marianna Frincko

SNUM: 4243

Birth date: 1789 (approx.)

Death date: 1819.06.12

Death house: 55

Death cause: Ordinaria

Death age: 30

Also known as

Marianna Barszcz


Father: Basilius Frincko

Primary records 

Death: 56_142_0_0_6924_00322.01

Marianna Frincko [4243]
1789 - 1819 


She might be [469] or [526]. There is no record of her marriage with Pandalemon Barszcz [3969] except for her death record. They must have gotten married between the death of Eva [3937] in Nov. 1817 and his marriage to Pelagia [xxx] in Nov. 1819.

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