Joannes Wanca

SNUM: 4347

Birth date: 1732 (approx.)

Death date: 1802.09.09

Death house: 24

Death cause: Ordinaria

Death age: 70

Primary records 

Death: 56_142_0_0_6924_00311.12

Joannes Wanca [4347]
1732 - 1802 


This may be the grandfather of Joannes Wanca [4019], since he is residing in House 24 (the younger Joanne’s home) at the time of his death. He may also be the younger Joanne’s father, whom I believe to be [4344], but this identification is problematic because Joanne’s [4344] father’s name is recorded as Theodorus [4350]. No record of that Joanne’s death has been found, although the 1814 death record of his spouse Marianna Lizak [4345] indicates that he predeceased her. Marianna Wanca [4348] may be his spouse.

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Ranks, occupations, titles:
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1802incola Rozdzielensis56_142_0_0_6924_00311.12