Stephania Jasiewicz

SNUM: 6108

Birth date: 1877.08.13

Baptism date: 1877.08.13

Birth place: Męcina Wielka

Birth house: 30

Death date: 1882.02.14

Death place: Męcina Wielka

Death house: 30

Death cause: naturalis

Death age: 4


Father: Michael Jasiewicz

Mother: Anna Frynczko

Stephania Jasiewicz [6108]
1877 - 1882 


Notes on birth record:
gestorben 14/2 882

Marked male on the birth record in error. She is female on her death record.

House affiliations:

187730Męcina WielkaNewborn baby
188230Męcina WielkaDeceased
Ranks, occupations, titles:
YearConditionLink to record
1882agricola loci60_1149_0_-_9_20_37656435.06