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9 names found

Name SNUM Date Record Type Role Village House Metrical record
Ahaphia Chymczak (1901 - ?)72471901.02.17BirthNewborn babyPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_50_37655571.02
Petrus Chymczak1901.02.17BirthNewborn's fatherPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_50_37655571.02
Julia Cucura1901.02.17BirthNewborn's motherPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_50_37655571.02
Paulus Chymczak (1903 - ?)73361903.01.28BirthNewborn babyPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_79_37655602.05
Petrus Chymczak1903.01.28BirthNewborn's fatherPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_79_37655602.05
Julia Cucura1903.01.28BirthNewborn's motherPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_79_37655602.05
Anastasia Chymszak (1906 - ?)74431906.02.04BirthNewborn babyPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_110_37655521.05
Petrus Chymszak1906.02.04BirthNewborn's fatherPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_110_37655521.05
Julia Cucura1906.02.04BirthNewborn's motherPstrążne4060_1149_0_-_11_110_37655521.05

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