Metrical Records for the Greek Catholic Parish of Męcina Wielka, 1839-1878

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Birth records (1860)

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11860.02.25Męcina Wielka44Thecla KretCatholicfemaleAndreas KretEva Mizik
21860.02.26Męcina Wielka17Maria SmakułaCatholicfemaleMaximilian SmakułaAnna Fec
31860.03.17Męcina Wielka35Basilius FecCatholicmaleStephanus FecAnastasia KocorThe genetive singular of the father’s first name in the birth record is given as *Alexis*, meaning that his name is probably *Alex* rather than the more common *Alexius*.
41860.03.25Męcina Wielka69Michael BelczykCatholicmaleJoannes BelczykMaria PolanskiIt is unclear what the word that precedes the date is, but it is written in cyrillic characters and is probably some version of “deceased”.
51860.04.01Męcina Wielka5Ahaphia HermanCatholicfemaleMichael HermanAnna Boryk
61860.04.23Męcina Wielka32Michael KretCatholicmaleJosephus KretMaria Paryłowski
71860.08.19Męcina Wielka26Matheus SzewczykCatholicmaleNicolaus SzewczykPelagia Borsuk
81860.08.19Męcina Wielka53Joannes BorykCatholicmaleStephanus BorykRosalia Szewczyk
91860.09.24Męcina Wielka65Michael JuszczakCatholicmaleStephanus JuszczakAnna Szłoch
101860.10.29Męcina Wielka49Joannes KijankaCatholicmaleIgnatius KijankaRosalia Herman
111860.10.29Męcina Wielka58Parascevia SmakułaCatholicfemaleMichael SmakułaMaria Zagurski
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