Metrical Records for the Greek Catholic Parish of Męcina Wielka, 1784-1836

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Birth records (1806–1807)

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11806.02.27Rozdziele12Maria DraganCatholicfemaleIllegitimateSimeon DraganMaria ChomkowiczShe is marked as illegitimate but it is unclear why as other children of ths couple are legitimate. It is this way in the original too. There are no annotations or anything unusual about the entries to indicate exceptional circumstances. It may be an error.
21806.02.28Rozdziele22Theodorus FrinckoCatholicmaleIllegitimateBasilius FrinckoTheodosia Kryszczak
31806.04.18Rozdziele41Maria FrinckoCatholicfemaleAndreas FrinckoTheodosia Roman
41806.04.20Rozdziele32Joannes LizakCatholicmaleTheodorus LizakMaria Onyszczak
51806.07.31Rozdziele42Elias DudraCatholicmaleDemetrius DudraAnastasia Tylawski
61806.09.29Rozdziele30Sophia CapCatholicfemalePantelimon CapMelania Dudra
71806.10.20Rozdziele11Joannes TylawskiCatholicmaleJoannes TylawskiMaria Bazylewicz
81806.11.25Rozdziele53Praxedis RusynCatholicfemaleSimeon RusynMaria Borsuk
91806.11.26Rozdziele59Jacobus TylawskiCatholicmaleJoannes TylawskiMaria Dragan
101806.11.27Rozdziele21Demetrius KaczorCatholicmaleJoannes KaczorSophia Frincko
111807.01.26Rozdziele12Maria DraganCatholicfemaleSimeon DraganMaria Chomkowicz
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