From The Edmonton Journal, date unknown

Messing With Sun Dance Is 'Bad Medicine'

Special To The Journal - ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE

There aren't many who pay any heed to an Indian Medicine man these days.

But forestry ranger John Elliott will think twice in the future.

When the Big Horn Indians, who live in the Rockies west of Rocky Mountain House, decided to hold their annual sun dance just west of his ranger station, he ordered them to find a new location because of the fire hazard.

Changing locations is very bad luck and medicine man White Bird Beaverbones took issue with the ranger.

Mr. Elliott was adamant.

White Bird, leaving to find a new site, warned: "Something bad happen to you."

Two days later, Elliott cut off two fingers with his power lawn mower.

When told about the accident, the medicine man nodded sagely: "Just, like I said, something bad happen."

Tell Ranger Elliott it was just a coincidence.