Metrical Records for the Greek Catholic Parish of Męcina Wielka, 1784-1836

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Birth records (1804)

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11804.01.22Rozdziele21Petrus KaczorCatholicmaleJoannes KaczorSophia Frincko
21804.01.26Rozdziele45Anastasia FrinckoCatholicfemaleAlexius FrinckoAnna Holuta
31804.02.05Rozdziele56Petrus BarszczCatholicmaleIllegitimate? ?Maria BarszczovaNB another illegitimate Barszcz
41804.02.06Rozdziele36Maximus DraganCatholicmaleAndreas DraganMaria Hoc
51804.04.05Rozdziele42Theodorus DudraCatholicmaleDemetrius DudraAnastasia Tylawski
61804.04.10Rozdziele14Anna KarlakCatholicfemaleJoannes KarlakAhaphia PopowczakShe is *Anna* on her birth registration, but appears as *Maria* or *Marianna* on other records. Possibly she went by Maria in honor of her older sister Maria [524] who died in infancy. Or perhaps *Anna* was a scribal error.

It is unclear why there is no record of her marriage to Alexius Tylawski [531], especially since he was the village scultetus and therefore a notable figure. The marriage must have taken place in 1821 or earlier.

71804.07.01Rozdziele6Maria PregnarCatholicfemaleJoannes PregnarMaria Tylawski
81804.09.07Rozdziele22Maria FrinckoCatholicfemaleJoannes FrinckoAnastasia Dudra
91804.09.20Rozdziele59Ahaphia FrinckoCatholicfemaleBasilius FrinckoAnna Borsuk
101804.11.09Rozdziele15Jacobus KocurCatholicmaleStephanus KocurAnna Czeczuga
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