Metrical Records for the Greek Catholic Parish of Męcina Wielka, 1837-1859

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Death records (1852)

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11852.03.16Rozdziele34Eva GrabaniaCatholicfemale51Ordinaria
21852.03.21Rozdziele92Maria DraganCatholicfemale14/52NaturalisFather: Basilius Dragan
Mother: Rosalia Lizak
31852.03.25Rozdziele18Stephanus BorsukCatholicmale60Ordinaria
41852.04.12Rozdziele64Joannes DudraCatholicmale61Naturalis
51852.04.17Rozdziele30Veronica CapCatholicfemale20NaturalisFather: Stephanus Cap
Mother: Thecla Krupa
61852.05.01Rozdziele57Eva TelepCatholicfemale76OrdinariaCurious about her alias 'Hodycha', stated on her death record. I have found no other usage of that name, but suggests a connection with the Hodjo family that occupied House 5 in Wapienne.
71852.05.03Rozdziele44Anna TelepCatholicfemale2 8/12NaturalisFather: Michael Telep
Mother: Anastasia Dudra
81852.05.07Rozdziele92Andreas DraganCatholicmale8/12OrdinariaFather: Basilius Dragan
Mother: Anastasia Tylawski
91852.05.17Rozdziele53Anna RusynCatholicfemale33Pro fameSpouse: Simeon Rusyn
101852.06.23Rozdziele10Maria TylawskiCatholicfemale22Pro fameFather: Andreas Tylawski
Mother: Maria Kaczor
111852.07.01Rozdziele13Petrus KaczorCatholicmale8Pro fameFather: Basilius Kaczor
Mother: Anna Frincko
121852.07.02Rozdziele63Gregorius CapCatholicmale7 1/2De arbore cecivitFather: Pantelemon Cap
Mother: Maria Łanca
131852.07.04Rozdziele42Anna DudraCatholicfemale8/12NaturalisFather: Joannes Dudra
Mother: Justinia Tylawski
141852.07.11Rozdziele64Anna DudraCatholicfemale2OrdinariaFather: Josephus Dudra
Mother: Eva Tylawski
151852.08.04Rozdziele62Anna PrzybyłaCatholicfemale58Naturalis
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