Thomas Prokopik alias Młynar

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Thomas Prokopik alias Młynar

The birth record for Maria Prokopik [752], born in 1810 in Męcina Wielka House 29, is an interesting surprise because no other Prokopiks have been found in that house.

Maria's father, identified here as Thomas Prokopik, can be none other than Thomas Młynar or Zak [14]. We can be sure of this because the record data for her mother, Maria Murianka [3959], matches what we know about Thomas Zak's wife.

While the Prokopik name is fairly common in Męcina Wielka (and much more common in the nearby village of Pstrążne, this is the first time I have found it connected to the Młynar family. Evidently Prokopik is another nickname that the family went by, possibly based on the name of Thomas' grandfather, Procopius [4288].

See Note 3 for a discussion of some other surnames associated with this family.


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