Jacob Kryszczak alias Telep

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Jacob Kryszczak alias Telep

Besides the names of the mother and father, the most frequently captured family relationship in these birth records is the name of the newborn baby's maternal grandfather. As time went on the clerics started capturing the maternal grandmother's name as well, and then the paternal grandparents, and sometimes even members of the generation before that. But in the early records, prior to 1800 or so, it was generally just the paternal grandfather, and often not even that.

When I am working out the family relationships that link these records together, when I encounter a person who lived and died prior to the beginning of record-keeping, whose name is preserved only in the birth records of their grand-children, I create an ID number (snum) even though I have no hope of ever finding primary metrical records for them. That way, if a user of this website searches on their name they will be able to find their way to the children and grand-children (for whom records do exist) by means of hyperlinks.

For instance, when I was indexing the children of Nicolaus Tyndir [4054] (1764-1830), I assigned the SNUM 4056 to his wife's father Jacobus Telep, thus creating a detail page for him even though I know nothing about Jacobus beyond his name. That gives me a place where I can jot down my thoughts about who Jacobus might be and what other family connections he may have.

Sometimes, the same name will show up as the grandfather of the children of two different women, and if I feel confident that they refer to the same person, I will give them all the same SNUM and thus "force" the women to become sisters, even though I have no firm documentary evidence that they are. An example of this is Jacobus Kryszczak. That is the name that is given to the father of Anna Tylawska [4321] (the wife of Andreas Tylawski [4320]), and Theodosia Fryncko [4062] (the wife of Basilius Fryncko [4061]). By assigning their father the SNUM of 4063 I turn them into sisters, and Jacobus Kryszczak [4063] becomes their father. If I later discover I have made a mistake, it is a small matter to make the correction and dissolve the filial relationship I have created.

This brings me to an interesting case, that suggests that Jacobus Telep [4056] and Jacobus Kryszczak [4063] may in fact be the same person!

I discovered this possible connection while I was indexing the household of Petrus Dudra [3916] (1780-1815). If you take each of his children's birth records and examine the name of the mother (and maternal grandfather, which is usually supplied), it is evident that sometimes she was known by Kryszczak, sometimes by Telep. Her father Jacob must have gone by either name.

Children of Petrus Dudra

YearHouseChildMotherMother's fatherBirth record
1178447RosaliaMaria Kriszczaknot specified56_142_0_0_6924_00019.02
2178647JoannesMaria TelepJacobus Telep56_142_0_0_6924_00021.08
3178947MariannaMaria TelepJacobus Telep56_142_0_0_6924_00023.04
4179147MariaMaria KryszczakJacobus Kryszczak56_142_0_0_6924_00068.08
5179248AnnaMaria KryszczakJacobus Kryszczak56_142_0_0_6924_00070.05
6179447MariaMaria TelepJacobus Telep56_142_0_0_6924_00074.04
7179647AnnaMaria KryszczakJacobus Kryszczak56_142_0_0_6924_00077.09
8179934AhaphiaMaria KryszczakJacobus Kryszczak56_142_0_0_6924_00083.07

I still don't feel confident enough to make this connection, though. One potential objection is that if these three Jacobs are the same person, that means they had two daughters named Maria who were bearing children at the same time. This is not an impossible situation-- I have seen cases where one daughter is named Maria, another is named Marianna, and later in life I see them both going by Maria. But for now, I am not convinced. There are other households where Jacob Telep and Jacob Kryszczak figure in the grandfatherly role, and I need to index them before I can say for sure. For the time being, I give Jacob Telep/Kryszczak his own SNUM, until I can sort them all out: Jacob Kryszczak alias Telep [4314].


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