Missing birth record for Josaphat Telep

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Missing birth record for Josaphat Telep

We know from his marriage record that Josaphat Telep [7715] (1857-1931) must have been born in 1857; indeed, Josaphat's birth record should appear on this page from the copy, 56_142_0_0_6925_00440 between the birth records of Minadora Borsuk and Barbara Siwak, but it is missing. It does, however, appear in the original book: 60_1149_0_-_5_50_37656188.06.

We are fortunate to have the original record, because Josaphat is the father of Metro Telep [7722] (1882-1978) who is the progenitor of the Telep families of Dawson City, Yukon, and Maple Ridge, British Columbia.


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